Another year has gone by and we are looking for dance out engagments for 2021/22. If you would like to have us an event just give us a ring or drop us an email and we will see what we can do.
We usually practice on a Thursday night at 67 Trafalgar Street so pop in and say hello.

Upcoming events


May 22                Give it a Go @ Trafalgar Street Hall 10.00am
June 26               Wassail at Peckhams Orchard Upper Moutere
July 10                Waimea Village
August  28          4 Lanes Festival - various spots around the festival venues
Sept 17-19          Spring Equinox with White Rose in Featherston


January 3            Blenhiem and Picton foreshore

January 4- 9      National Morris Tour - the 2022 Grand Teapot Tour of Tasman


October 25         Ngatimoti School Fair
November 5       Moutere Inn - session night 7pm
November 7       Cider Festival @ Founders
November 28/9 Hanmer Springs with the Springers and NW Arch Morris
January 7            Moutere Inn - session night 7pm
January  8-11     Golden Bay 'Chill over the Hill' tour.
February  4         Moutere Inn - session night 7pm

February              Collingwood Festival at the MAD Cafe
February              Blenheim and Picton with ex Vintage Morris and Marlborough Fayre dancers
March 4                      Moutere Inn - session night 7pm
March 20/21      Marchfest and dance out with Ngati Morris and RUM
April 1                
Moutere Inn - session night 7pm
April 9-11            Hamner Morris gathering
May1                   May Day at Paddy's Knob
May 20                AGM


2019/2020 we danced at:
July 11                Wassail at the Moutere Inn
August 29           Roger and Alli's celebration
September 12    11th Anniversary in Nelson venue to be confirmed
October 14         Founders Book Fair


2019/2020 we danced at:
August 17           Wassail at Peckhams
August 31           10 year anniversary Ale
Thursday Practice sessions until the end of March are held at
1903 Square at the top of Trafalgar Street from 7.30 -8.30
February 6          Folk night at the Moutere Inn
March 5               Folknight at the Moutere Inn
March 20-22      Hanmer Morris gathering
April 2                 Folk night at the Moutere Inn

2018/2019 we danced at
July 19              Workshop Bar in New Street @ 6.30pm
October 4        Moutere Inn Folk night dancing at 6.30pm,
October 26      Ngatimoti School Fair
November 8    Moutere Inn Folk night dancing at 6.30pm,
December 6   Moutere Inn Folk night dancing at 6.30pm,
December 29  Sprig and Fern Millton Street at 1.30pm
December 30 Motueka, Decks Reserve 10.30,
                        Riwaka Wharf 12.00, Moutere Inn 2pm
January  17   Public practice session 1903 square 7.30pm
January 24   Public practice session 1903 square 7.30pm
January 31 McCashins Beer Garden 7.00pm
February 1-3  Golden Bay - Saturday 11 am at Takaka Market
                       then dancing at Tata beach
                       Saturday 7pm Takaka Village Green
                       Sunday about 10.30ish Takaka Village Green
February 7  Moutere Inn at 6.30
February 14 Prince Albert Nile Street 7.30- Cancelled
Saturday 16 - Dance at 1903 square as part of the One Nelson show
February 21 1903 Square Nelson
February 28  1903 Square Nelson
March 7    Moutere Inn at 6.30
April  14  Wakefield Apple Fair
April 30 GIve it a Go at Fairfield House 7.30
May 7   GIve it a Go at Fairfield House 7.30
May 28   Ernest Rutherford Retirement Village 1pm
May 14  GIve it a Go at Fairfield House 7.30

2017/2018 we danced out at these locations

Sunday 10              Rudolf Steiner Motueka Spring Fair @1.45
                               Jack Ingles Rest Home @ 2.45
Saturday 23          Hope School Fair @ 10.15, Sundial Square Richmond 11.15
Sunday   24           Warehouse Nelson.. all day

Friday  27               Evening Carnival @ Nelson Masked Parade 9pm
Saturday 28           Tour of Mapua 12 noon  and Moutere

Sunday 5                Nelson Ark Fayre  at the Honest Lawyer @ 11.40 followed by a workshop
Saturday 25           Nelson Tour, 1903 square at 11.30 followed by Riverside and Sprig on Milton

Saturday  2            Warehouse Nelson ...all day
Thursday 7            Moutere Inn - folk night @ 7pm
Tuesday  26           Moutere Inn mid-late afternoon

Thursday 4            Moutere Inn @ 7pm - folk night
Sunday  7              Higgins Heritage Park Wakefield
Thursdays             Practice sessions at 1903 square at the top of Trafalgar Street- come along and say hello and join in the fun
Fri -Sun  20-26   National Tour in Auckland

Thursday 1           Moutere Inn @ 7pm - folk night
Saturday 3            Nelson Market Day in Trafalgar Street
Thursday 8          Demo at Nelson Contra Dance session at Victory Community Centre
Thursday 15        Prince Albert on Nile Street 7pm
Saturday 17         Dance out in Picton and Blenheim 11am Seymour Square and Picton foreshore
Thursdays 22      Practice at 1903 Square Nelson

Thursday 1         Moutere Inn @ 7pm - folk night
Saturday 10       Tour of Golden Bay
                           Tata Beach 10.30
                           Takaka Market midday
                           Collingwood  afternoon              
Sunday   11       Tour of Golden Bay  - Takaka Village Green
Saturday  24      Marchfest at Founders Park

Fri - Sun  6 -8    South Island Morris Dance and Ale at Hanmer Springs
Sunday   29       Isel Park and other venues in Stoke/Richmond- postponed

Tuesday  1         May Day Celebrations at Wakefield Quay 5.15pm
Wednesday 2,9, and 16 @ 7.30pm
                           'Give it a Go' workshop at Whakatu Presbyterian Hall 271 Songer Street Stoke  
Sun 18:  11am Jack Ingles Rest Home, noon @ Jester House and later on at Mapua

2016/17 we danced out at these locations

Sat 1:   Nelson Library
Thurs 6: Isel Twilight Market early evening
Sat 16: Isel in Bloom
Frid 21:  Evening Carnival @ Masked Parade
Sun 23: Ngatimoti Festival

Sun 6:  Nelson Ark Village Fair @ Honest Lawyer
Sat 12: Cider Festival @ Founders Park

Thurs 15: Twilight Market Nelson

1-7 :   National Tour in Wellington
Sat  24: Local Tour 

Thursdays: Pubs and or outdoor practice
Sat    : Tasman Tour 

Sat 25: Marchfest
31-2 April:  Hanmer Weekend

Mid  : Wakefield Apple fair
Sun 23: St Georges Day @ Sprig
Sun  30: Isel Cafe  festival 

Mon 1: May day evening at the Styx